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Wedding Form

The Brainerd Dispatch is pleased to publish your wedding information ad and picture.

Please submit the completed form and photo as soon as possible after the wedding, so the news is current.

Wedding notice ads placed on the Celebration page are charged per column inch. The minimum fee for a basic Wedding ad is $25. Customized ads are available. All ads appearing on this page are a special size and rate. The deadline is Wednesday at 5 pm Central time for any and all celebration ads.

NOTE: The Brainerd Dispatch reserves the right to edit all copy and photographs in compliance with its style, dates and deadlines.

Questions? Please call the Brainerd Dispatch at (218)855-5898.

Names of the married couple

The names of the Bride's Parents and their address(es) (ex.: Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bunyan, Baxter, MN, or; Paul Bunyan of Brainerd, MN, Lucette Bunyan of Hackensack, MN)

The Groom's parents names and address(es)

Date the wedding event took place on.

Where the wedding took place at (church name, other locations name, city, state, country).

Who officiated the wedding (pastor, cleric, justice of the peace and their name if known).

Attendants for the bride, parents or grandparents.

Names of the best man and attnndant(s) for the Groom

Location where the reception was held.

Business name and location (city state, country).

Business the groom is employed by and their location.

City, state, country the couple is calling home.

Anything else you want to include about the wedding; How and Where did You First Meet? Who Proposed? How Was It Done? Did anything unusual, unpredictable or humerous happen at your wedding, the reception or on your honeymoon that you want to share?

A wedding or honeymoon photo of the couple (files can be uploaded from your computer in .jpg, .png, .bmp or .tiff format, under 800K).

Typed signature of the person submitting this information.

A daytime phone number for the person submitting this information, in case we have any questions.

An email address for the person submitting this information. This will only be used to contact you if we have any questions about this information. It will not be shared.

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