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Weather records

• The record high temp in January is 56 degrees, recorded on Jan. 25, 1981.

• The record high of 52 degrees set Tuesday ties for the seventh warmest day in January, matching 52 degrees recorded on Jan. 14, 1987.

• The top 10 warmest days were all in the 50s, with the latest 50-degree day in the month recorded Jan. 26, 2002.

• The average daily high in January is 20 degrees.

• The coldest date on record for January is 48 degrees below zero on Jan. 15, 1972.

• The top 10 record-cold January nights had temps of 43 degrees below or colder.

• The record cold high for a January day is 23 below zero set on Jan. 25, 1904. The top 10 of the coldest highs in January ranges from 14 below to 23 below. But it’s been a while since those temps were recorded. The most recent date in the top 10 is Jan. 18, 1994.