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Warrior Athlete of the Week September 13, 2018

Warrior Athlete of the Week September 13, 2018 --- Wait and create. That’s what Brainerd Warrior girls tennis head coach Lisa Salo has been preaching to her No. 1 singles player Britney Fletcher. Basically the saying means maintaining composure and focus, being patient and hanging in there to build a point. “That’s what Britney’s got to build is how she approaches her matches at the first singles level and she’s starting to do that,” Salo said. “We’ve talked to her about big targets and depth. If she can focus on keeping the ball deep, working the point, waiting and creating that right shot, then she has more options to use.” Fletcher concedes she’s not the most patient player but is getting better. “What happens a lot for me is I’m wanting to end the point right away,” she said. “Then that leads me to messing up because it’s not the right shot. I need to wait for (opponents) to give me a good shot that I can set up better. What I need to work on, and have been working on, is waiting for the right shot to come to me and not trying to force it right away because then we have longer points. “Then it’s not as many unforced errors on my part which a lot of that sometimes gives (opponents) games because it’s on my unforced errors. It’s just eliminating those and waiting for the right shot, setting myself up correctly instead of trying to force it.” Fletcher has been creating victories with frequency this fall in her first season at No. 1 singles and in only her second season playing singles. She sported a 14-5 record following Tuesday’s win against Willmar and hoisted her career mark to 85-25. Fletcher said the level of competition at No. 1 has been her biggest adjustment moving from No 2 singles.