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Walleyedan: In pursuit of the big one

Posted: December 6, 2013 - 9:41pm

Our muzzleloader deer hunt at Philbrook is still open and I am very excited for my return early next week in search of a nice buck.

We were over there (near Motley) Saturday through Wednesday and had a blast. It was Bruce Hudalla, his friends Anita Williams and Todd Hess, myself, camera man Kyle Peterson and camera man Brady Kangas. Anita was bow hunting only and she left early in the week get back to her salon in Grand Rapids.

The rest of us grinded it out at Philbrook, knowing that with the weather change coming in that things would “happen.” And it happened! Anita saw a nice buck on Saturday morning along with a few does, and Todd and I (the only two that had muzzleloader deer tags) each saw a couple deer the first couple days, too.

Things were slow and we were wondering what was going on. We had predicted earlier in the weekend that Tuesday and Wednesday looked good for deer movement because of the snow and cold that was to arrive. It doesn’t take a deer wizard to know that game like to move before approaching weather systems but it was the excitement of knowing we were getting closer to hammer time.

Todd was the first to draw blood, and he did that on Monday evening after shooting a nice doe. We were all happy and Brady was able to capture the moment on camera. The next night Kyle and I passed on a very large doe, thinking that bucky was not too far away (and I’m sure he wasn’t).

On Wednesday, with a snow covered landscape that was absolutely gorgeous, we took to the woods again in the morning hoping to intercept a deer heading from point A to point B. This didn’t work for either pair of hunters and we both knew that the afternoon was going to be the time anyway. That afternoon sit in the Nature Blinds couldn’t come soon enough — we knew the deer would be coming to their food sources (food plots).

At lunch, I prayed for a double and in hindsight wished I would have asked for a triple! Both Todd and I put down jumbo does and as Kyle and I were working on some post kill filming (in the Nature Blind), another big deer appeared. Kyle was going potty and was able to shut things down fast enough to get the camera up an “on him”.

I took aim and fired, and the smoke from the muzzle covered most of my field of view. Had no clue, as the deer bolted into the corn and out of sight! We looked and looked and found no blood. We followed his tracks along way and made the call that I must have missed! This tells me one of two things: I need to be more specific with my prayer or the Lord has something bigger and better that will step into view next time at Philbrook! I will keep you posted!


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