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A deer diary family moment

Posted: April 20, 2012 - 8:15pm

I was out throwing the football with my son and daughter the other night when a deer walked across the driveway about 60 yards from us. Our dog spotted the deer and bolted after it, but she soon returned, knowing it is not easy running down a deer.

As we continued playing catch, the kids spotted the deer again through the woods — it was walking in the direction of our fire pit. What in the world was it thinking?

I ushered our dog back into the house by the skin on her neck (she wasn’t wearing her collar and really wanted a piece of the deer). Elizabeth and Mac started talking to the deer and both had a little grass in hand. The deer — a buck — walked right up to the three of us and fed out of the kids’ hands. Unbelievable!

Now we had the whole family outside watching in amazement. Shelley watched from the porch, and Alex decided to walk out and greet our friend, too.

As Alex started to walk toward Mr. Buck, it pinned its ears back, and I made sure she backed up for protection. But she got to pet him, too.

Not sure what the deer’s deal was, but it is something that our little family in the woods won’t soon forget.

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