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Split-second thinking and some second-guessing

Posted: November 4, 2011 - 5:27pm

Get a deer yet? I got one the other day — shot it with my bow and arrow on the evening of Oct. 29 but did not retrieve it until the morning of Oct. 30. It was an 8-point buck and by no means a record.

I watched the deer bed down about 40 yards from my tree and waited until just before dark to get down from my tree stand so I didn’t spook it. I wasn’t going to shoot because it wasn’t a big buck, but when I thought again, I thought of my son and my buddy’s son who were back at our house. I was thinking how exciting it would be for them to do a little night-time tracking.

Was this reason enough to take the shot? No. It wasn’t the only thought that made me release the arrow and I’m sure you hunters can relate to the split-second thinking when the moment is upon you.

When all is said and done, I guess if it feels right, you’re going to know it and if it doesn’t, you will know that, too. Life — so many decisions. Which one are you going to make today? Are you going to wait or are you going to take.

Be safe, be silent and be skilled. I will report next week on my first out-of-state deer hunt from Packerville.

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