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Mending our extremist ways

Reading Ed Shaw’s pointed tutorial on “niceness” was very eye- opening, even for a blind person and a radio host who somehow managed to hold court 10 hours per week for two years before...

Jan's lament

I found Jan Burton's recent letter somewhat comical. We get to her real intent in the fifth paragraph with her cheap shot at Gary Scheeler. Seems like third grade playground behavior to me.

Watch 'Footloose' tonight

Congratulations to our Brainerd School Board for showing fortitude and leadership in ensuring that our curriculum remains diverse and representative of the entire spectrum of our community, not just one segment.

Say no to the airport project

Time is running out for the Brainerd City Council to stop - or even substantively influence - the proposed sewer and water expansion to the Brainerd Lakes Airport. They need to act now. This project has been driven entirely from the top...
Charles Marohn

A permanent fix

Just in time for tax day, the Congressional Budget Office delivered a pleasant surprise. Based on current law, the national debt will grow by $286 billion less during the next decade than the CBO projected only two months ago.
The Washington Post
We don’t really have time for solitude anymore because technology is pushing it

Are cellphones making us more social or less?

Do you have any idea how many Americans have cellphones? It is now 97 percent. That’s almost everyone and that’s amazing. More amazing is the fact that over 34 percent of us are “mobile only” users, meaning we don’t have either a...
Kevin Holten

Be nice

Why is it that a small band of angry extremists constantly resort to personal attacks against their opponents? Jan Burton was the latest, making an insulting joke about a city councilperson with no facts to back it up. What Ms.
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national debt


Should registered sex offenders who move to MN be required to register here also?:

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