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Mills is doing something right

Posted: February 5, 2014 - 4:49pm

In response to Tim’s opinion from Tuesday’s paper, you make a good point. I would just like to state my opinion as to why they would feature Stew in our paper. It’s most likely because he’s a Mills. Those Mills fellows are local boys, and the products of their success have been a staple in our community for years and years. First you got good ol’ Mills Fleet, supplying a wide range of goods for consumers at those rootin’ tootin’ low prices! And then there’s the dealerships, making buying a car so easy , a caveman could do it!

There’s all that and so much more. He’s a local figure and a great guy. He drives a nice car and he isn’t out speeding and racing and getting DWIs, so he’s doing something right. He is smart and he’ll prove it. And when he does, I hope he flips his ponytail back and says, “Long hair, don’t care!” Stop hatin’ on the feller.

Ferdinand Giamatti

Little Falls