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Just three things...

Posted: June 27, 2013 - 5:04pm

Just three things...

Read your editorial this a.m. (I get to read my elderly neighbors paper while I walk, and before I bring it down their drive to their house) and wanted to comment on three things.

1. I agree with you on your comments that Rep. Winkler was over the top with his name calling. You might want to also let your owner (Billy III) know the same before he writes his next commentary on Obama.

2. I am considering a run for public office next year (county commissioner). So, is there precedence now that I can get three articles/announcements of such as has Mr. Mills? First, that I am considering it, second, have a political ally say I am considering it, and third, actually announce it?

3. Mayor Olsen (Baxter) is taking part (as am I) on a conference this week starting last night, in St. Cloud, called the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative. It is a gathering of mayors from Mississippi River cities of all sizes and from all 10 states along the river, to discuss issues specific to those river cities. There are over 50 mayors now signed on. (Not Mayor Wallin…. Yet).

Oh, and one more thing…given your fondness for Washington Post commentary, there was a good one reprinted in the Star Tribune yesterday on a call for national service. Worth a look. It’s bi-partisan…

Karl Samp