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Dayton copies Greece

Posted: February 5, 2013 - 7:08pm

Dayton copies Greece

Gov. Dayton copies a strong Greek economy.

It’s nice to see Dayton follow the “sound” economic policies of Greece, California, and New York. That policy — “if you’re broke spend more money.”

Facing a $1.1 billion deficit, Dayton’s $38 billion budget includes spending increases of $2.5 billion and increased taxes on us of $3.7 billion.

Oh you say, “but he’s cutting spending.”

Yeah right. For every $16 in spending increases he’s cutting spending by $1. That’ll go a long way in reducing the deficit!

His tax increases (primarily sales taxes) would negatively impact the working poor and middle classes through sales tax increases on goods and services.

His new business-to-business sales tax proposal will reduce corporate profits of Minnesota businesses. Less profits equals less hiring/employment.

I was thinking of moving to Greece, but it’s nice to know I can stay here and watch it happen.

Art Becker