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Pension funds

Posted: January 31, 2013 - 7:28pm

Pension funds   

So it seems that all the states have public pension plans underfunded by billions of dollars.  And in Keith Hansen’s column of Jan. 22, he cited a quote that “These pensions are an obligation that citizens have to public employees, and you can’t just decide, ‘We can’t afford that’.”  These citizens have had an obligation to contribute through Social Security to their own retirement “pension.” 

It was the law makers that decided the taxpayers were responsible for these public employee pensions.  And since they promised money they didn’t have, they should be the ones that should cough up the dough for these employee pensions as well as their own. As far as “some of the problems that have caused the deficit are due to slumping investment markets”, the stock market has doubled since Bush was president.  Let’s face it, they promised money that wasn’t theirs with no hope of there ever being enough to cover their promise. 

On another note, I am tired of hearing about Obama spending so much money and increasing the national debt when we know it is Congress that decides where the money goes. They can’t keep blaming the president for what they have approved. 

Julie Pawlak