| Brainerd, Minnesota

Liberal whining

I’m tired of the whining from your liberal readers about the well written, thoughtful and stimulating editorials authored by Keith Hansen.

They provide a needed balance from the liberal views of the Washington [filtered word]t and other editorial pieces.

It is disturbing to me that liberals who profess to be the true guardians of American ideals cannot embrace the free speech guarantees of the First Amendment when it comes to reading or listening to views opposite of their own beliefs. That they would silence people who disagree with them is scary indeed.

The Brainerd Dispatch has made a number of sound journalistic improvements, including a more balanced editorial policy – and one that frequently touches on the challenges faced by our state and nation. Heaven forbid that we would only be exposed the constant liberal editorial fodder of publications like the Minneapolis Tribune with hardly any diversity of opinion.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Hansen. I may not agree with everything you say, but as a tolerant American who believes in the protections of our Constitution, I will defend your right to say it and the publication that provides you that forum.

Gary Dawson


Who’s paying?

It’s the Republicans that are all for the wealthy and want to hammer the downtrodden, right?

But according to the editorial in Thursday’s paper, our Democrat senators are crying foul about new taxes on medical device manufacturers, saying that this will cause a loss of jobs. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken call it “unconsionable.”

I’m confused! Isn’t that the same argument the House of Representatives has been using in the negotiations with Obama?

Medical devices and pharmaceuticals are the most overpriced expenses in our lives today, in fact isn’t this the reason for Obamacare?

People can’t afford the insurance rates to pay for these health care products. All Obamacare is going to do is guarantee that these firms get our money one way or another at the expense of jobs when employers can’t pay for their employees health care plans, plus insurance for those that choose not to work.

Tell me again, who is paying up for campaign donations?

John Jansen


Sick, sick nation

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Connecticut Friday one thing comes front and center. This is a sick and misdirected country. This isn’t the first time this has happened and sadly it’s not the last time it will happen. We are reaping what we are sowing and there is more reaping to come, America, and you can count on it.

Until the day comes that we quit teaching our children that violence and guns is fun and games, there will be more incidents. I listened to a shrink today, on television saying we need to rebuild our mental health system and I couldn’t help thinking that’s like injecting people with a disease and them building a hospital to treat them at. This kind of violence is learned for many from an early age. We

have laws in place that protect the rights of people who peddle this trash to poison our children minds and turn them into maniacal killers.

Think of the children who lived and witnessed this carnage. Think of the police and fire that had to work this scene. But lastly think of the parents who lost their child and then tell us about your rights to print and video this crap and peddle it to our children. There is no such thing as a born killer. It’s a learned behavior and we are doing our best to teach it.

What’s left now? Bury our dead and listen to all of the experts tell us what went wrong. There will be million dollar investigations as to why this happened, when we all know why it happened but no one has the guts to say it, because at least for now it’s legal.

Mike Holst