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Vote for my Dad

Posted: October 29, 2012 - 4:36pm

Vote for Dad

As a parent, John Ward raised his four children to know the definitions of respect and hard work. He was a model of these traits in his roles as a father, teacher, coach, and mentor.

In retirement, John Ward has continued to model these traits in the legislative system. For the last six years I have watched him listen to all sides of many issues, fight for his constituents, and stand for what he believes in and values.

I have seen my father evolve from a man who fought for children to a man who fights for a district of people. John Ward is always willing to listen to all people regardless of their position and he responds to every person that contacts him. He tirelessly fights for what his constituents want and what he believes. I have heard him say over and over that he votes first with his conscience, second with his constituents, and third with his caucus. My father is the kind of person we need in St. Paul representing all people.

Please vote for John Ward on Nov. 6. A vote for him is a vote for all of us.

Amy Aho