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U.S. on its way out

Posted: October 23, 2012 - 4:59pm

This country is on its way out. The Lord is very angry and we are on our last string of hope. The reason being is we are trampling down the Bible. Everything God says is wrong — we say is right and everything God says is right — we say is wrong. And the two last straws we broke were abortion legalized and the acceptance of homosexuality as normal. Abortion is (murder in the first degree) and homosexuality both mean eternity in hell (lake of fire). It is a choice, not of God, and we are showing no love at all when we let them believe it’s OK. Let’s love them to Jesus and he will change their hearts. Jesus is coming very soon and we must all repent if we want to go with him. He is our only hope, because we are all sinners.

J. Jacobson