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Last call

Posted: October 23, 2012 - 11:10am

Last Call

This is it folks. It’s the last call. It is time to look at what this upcoming election is really about.

If you strip away all the flashy ads, the sound bites, the facile arguments, the half-truths and disinformation, the games and distractions it is about who will make the decisions for all of us for the next four years, and perhaps long into the future. Either we choose to continue to have some voice as citizens in our future in this country or we abdicate our role as citizens and turn over everything to those with the wealth and power already…we simply capitulate and say we will let you make all decisions for us and we will live with the consequences. If they think that concentrating the wealth and decision making in a few hands is good, then do it. If they think that deregulating everything and having no concern for the environment is good, then do it. Do whatever you want and we will stand by and willingly accept it…just don’t make us responsible for anything that happens. We are like children and we want parental leadership. We have decided that democracy is too much for us and we give you control of the economy and all decisions about us and the direction of the country even though we have seen the results of those choices. We simply are afraid to be adult and be responsible for our own lives.

Those on top are ready and willing to agree to those terms since it will allow them to amass even greater proportions of our national wealth. It will give them nearly complete decision-making power and in return they will give us whatever we seem to want…restrictions for any citizens who do not meet our personal moral standards.

Bob Passi