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Attack PACs

Posted: October 15, 2012 - 8:11pm

Attack PACs

Who in the world is funding these Super PACs that spend billions of dollars attacking a good American running for office like Rick Nolan? Why would a God-fearing American viciously attack a Christian Catholic, who served the American people in Washington, then returned to the private sector and opened a business that created jobs in his district? That’s what Rick Nolan has done for our community. Now, I know that a good God-fearing Republican would not attack Rick like that. Is it an Islamic Extremist group? There is no other explanation for so much hatred toward a Christian, Catholic, American job creator. We all know that Chip Cravaack has no control over these Extremists, so why doesn’t he stand with Rick at a debate on the Iron Range and let the voters know that he doesn’t like people who bear false witness against thy neighbor?

Dawn Veurink