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Supports Borkenhagen

Posted: October 12, 2012 - 6:09pm

Chip Borkenhagen has earned my vote for city council.

First, I should say that it’s been my pleasure to appear before, and deal with, current members of the city council. I’ve found them to be generally considerate and respectful of me, and the issues I brought before them. They are obviously committed to public service, because it’s not a small responsibility, and there is no tangible reward (compensation) in it.

However, there is a time for new blood and new ideas in any organization. City council is not like the Supreme Court, an appointment for life, or at least should not be.

Chip Borkenhagen has been an area resident all his life, an entrepreneur of many decades experience, deeply involved in civic issues, a person of good conscience and ethics, and committed to that hard-to-pin-down, too-often lacking element in governance, “the right thing.” You won’t be disappointed in your vote for Chip.

Mike Rahn Brainerd