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Gay marriage

Posted: September 30, 2012 - 4:45pm

In the Sept. 26 issue of the Dispatch there was a guest opinion about two men who are getting married in a Lutheran Church.

The author states that Archbishop John Nienstedt’s Catholicism leaves no room for two men to live in a committed family relationship. If it’s marriage he is talking about, then the reason is, because the Archbishop doesn’t have the authority to change how the Catholic church believes and teaches on this subject. His stance is based on scripture and that’s why he feels and teaches this way. Its not the Archbishop’s beliefs that get in the way of this subject, it’s the Catholic churches beliefs that are based on scripture. He is just doing his job.

There are many Lutheran churches that subscribe to the same teachings as the Catholic church on this subject. I talk often with a Lutheran pastor who is my friend so I know this to be true.

Mike Holst