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Don't kill wolves

Posted: September 19, 2012 - 4:38pm

This is in reference to guest opinion, Minnesota’s wolf hunt, by Jim Aronson, on Wednesday, Sept. 12. You have said it very clearly — there is absolutely no benefit to killing wolves — not for livestock depreedation, not because the wolf population is exploding, not because wolves are killing all the deer.

Nature has very effectively taken care of any flucatuations of abundance and scarcity.

Why would those of ‘authority’ authorize a ‘wolf hunt’ for the sole purpose of killing because it is fun? For amusement only — no purpose whatsoever, but to see an animal die or be wounded. Also noted is that 80 percent of Department of Natural Resources (DNR) survey respondents are against a wolf hunt. This is a majority!

Where is your backbone to say no, to this sick amusement that is popping up in this country? And you people call this fun?

It has been noted that many serial killers, before they turn to be hard core serial killers, torture, abuse, or kill animals or children (those who cannot defend themselves) for joy or amusement!

You people of authority, what are you teaching your people, your neighbors, and your family?

And, know this you elected officials who are choosing to authorize this? You people must be very blood thirsty to go out and kill every four-legged creature you can see and call it fun!

I never though I would see something like this in our beautiful country. If 80 percent of DNR survey respondents, also hunters, are against this it is a majority.

Lois Lysdahl