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Re: Tourism advertising

Posted: July 27, 2012 - 7:11pm

The State spends millions of dollars on tourist advertising with no measurable results. It probably has some effect, but once they get here they find that Minnesota could be a friendlier place. Maybe the advertising dollars could be reduced and a few simple “tourist friendly” measures enacted:

1. Allow a free pass to a state or county park, and maybe a free overnight camping permit.

2. Do away with the exorbitant “out of state fishing license fee” and even allow a some free fishing days.

3. Give away a free lottery ticket to tourists that stop by border rest stops or other tourist welcoming centers like the one south of Brainerd.

4. And, of course, give away Minnesota road maps at all rest stops.

I’m sure there are additional good, or better, ideas. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful, and Minnesota as a “friendly place to visit” could be the talk of the nation!

Chuck Hagberg