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High water problems

Posted: July 16, 2012 - 6:00pm

High water problems

We are writing as concerned lake residents of Cass County.  

For the last 28 years our family has enjoyed the beauty, peace and quiet that lakeside living offers on a small lake.  Of these 28 years the last 10 we have made this our year round home.  

It is disturbing to witness how it has changed over these past few years.  Too many cabin owners treat this lake as a playground and not a home to wildlife and beautiful aquatic plants.  Their disrespect for the other people living here with the constant noise and rough waters they create with their ‘water toys’ is very difficult to watch.  

This year with the water levels so extremely high, one would think that everyone would be conscientious about preserving the quality of the lake and shoreline.  

The press, radio and television have all talked about the problems that can arise from people abusing the high water levels on the lakes.  This past week apparently not many were listening. We saw water skiers, wake boarders and boats pulling tubes for endless hours every single day!  You don’t have to imagine how damaging this has been to our shoreline...just take a look at the lake!  Perhaps some of these people could have instead enjoyed themselves with a canoe, kayak, paddle boat, or simply by swimming.  All of which would have kept our lake in better condition.  

Common sense...and how about respect for others?

Tom & Kathy Severson

Fifty Lakes