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Does not like Dispatch changes

Posted: May 21, 2012 - 5:36pm

Can’t help it, have to make a few comments about your most recent Brainerd Dispatch front page--Sunday, May 20!

Have to admit the changes have been creeping up on us. Still when it comes like this it does seem kind of sudden. And when you say you are doing the Dispatch with only 16 staff, seems hard to believe. If we want to get closer information from your staffers, many include e-mail addresses with their credits. Looking at the entire front page, from top to bottom, a personal picture and, down to another mother supervising her kids on a swing, off to left a sheriff’s investigation report, down to a county political story.

To top it all off, a full column interview by Tim Bogenschutz, Dispatch publisher, commenting about all the changes that brought about this front page. Then across the entire bottom of this front page there is a Mills Motors advertisement.

Ed Fox