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Equality at the Dispatch

Posted: March 18, 2012 - 10:16pm

After the recent departure of Mr. Miller at the Dispatch, many were anxiouly awaiting his replacement. Voila! Now comes Keith Hansen. A long needed journalist at the Dispatch.

After many years of pages of biased liberal reporting by Mr. O Rourke, Mr. Hansen brings a sense of equality to our paper. Thank you to Mr. Hansen and his unbiased reporting.

One problem. After reading Tuesdays paper (it was soaking wet with tears), I wonder how long he’ll last. I can’t remember the last time the conservatives had as many letters on one page as the liberals did in Tuesdays paper. Every liberal in the state (as far away as Bemidji) was crying about Mr. Hansen’s writings. Mr. Hansen, you bring needed journalism to the Dispatch.

Keep up the good work. Fair and honest journalism is always welcome.

Charlie Makidon

Backus, MN 56435