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Reader Opinion: Loopholes?

Mass shootings, with thousands killed since 2013. In America. Land of the highest rate of gun-caused mortalities in the world. Dreams transformed into nightmares. Lives shattered and gone.

Yet, here we lie: loopholes enabling bullet holes. Shattered lives and body counts go on. How many more, before members of Congress, members of state house assemblies, act together meaningfully to lessen the carnage?

Minnesota's District 10A state house representative Josh Heintzeman, incumbent since 2014, asserts no one should act, especially not himself, because, he says, "(2nd Amendment) rights shall not be infringed, period."

In Heintzeman's mind, blindly "selling a gun to a trusted friend is not a loophole." Yes, Mr. Heintzeman, it is, when your "trusted friend" has a criminal or disqualifying background you don't know about.

We need lawmakers standing upfront for gun safety, not preening behind "periods."

On Nov. 6, vote with your conscience, not for mindless politics.

Steven Olson