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I have always considered myself to be fairly athletic. A dedicated sports nut, whether it be watching or playing, I have embraced all that sports have had to offer for as long as I can remember....

Drinking water from a garden hose

Jessi Pierce's Blog

Lately I have found myself becoming more educated on the appeals of online and social media. At the age of 24, there really was little time that the world wide web was not a presence in my life...

Mosquito bites in March

Jessi Pierce's Blog

If you're like me, the title of this blog post alone has you annoyed — and me straining not to itch. It's true, after a visit home to the Twin Cities I have developed the unthinkable, the...

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music

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What is it about some songs that just make you smile? The weather outside could be raining — or even worse snowing — and your tire could have just blown on your way to work where you are already...

A winning season, two years too late

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Being an avid Minnesota sports fan, I'll admit I'm used to defeat. The Vikings, Gophers, Wild, Timberwolves and Twins tend to end their seasons in similar fashion year after year, never quite...

Girl Scout cookies tossing a wrench in weight loss plans everywhere.

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Oh, February. A month that brings so many things; Valentine's Day, Punxsutawney Phil (and the hope of a shortened winter) and the influx of uniformed girl's at every office, grocery store and...

Pinning for the sake of research...

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One of my favorite things about writing a story is the preparation that goes in to it. As I learned early on from a mentor at one of my previous internships, "failure to prepare, is preparing to...

Crashing in to success

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A couple days late I know, but I wanted to post about my recent experience at the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships held in St. Paul this past weekend (Jan. 12-14).

What a trip.

Welcome to the real world

Jessi Pierce's Blog

It's been five years and 10 internships in the making, but I have finally made it; I am officially a journalist.

A 2010 graduate from Iowa State University, I was offered an internship with...