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Flash Pop

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Since the introduction of automatic flash fill on camera, photographers have been jumping for joy with the results. Well, sometimes not for joy but in anger. 

While photographing the...


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We are blessed with a frozen landscape that has lasted over a week because  of the rain and later snow during the New Year's weekend.

One of my favorite subjects in winter is birch...

Stony Brook in Winter

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Our area is blessed with lakes and woods but very few places where photographers can photograph moving water showing motion in the winter. 

The exception is Stony Brook in Fritz Loven...

Are the snowflakes fooling you?

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Many, many times I have heard from people how they photographed something during a snowfall and it turned out really dark and the snowflakes were not visible. 

First of all, your...

Christmas Lights -Christmas in Wadena

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Photographers looking for a challenge should try their skill with GP Anderson's display at 414 3rd St. S.W. in Wadena. Anderson has added computer animation to the display synched with music. You...