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Basketball Distraction

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I’m easily distracted. I admit it.

Covering a basketball game, Brainerd girls vs Sartell, I saw this adorable little kid and couldn’t help it - I had to take a few pics. As I was watching...

The Most Expensive Photo Ever

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Clearly I'm not charging enough for my photos.

I figured this out after I saw a story about a photograph of the Rhine river by Andreas Gursky that sold for $4.3 MILLION DOLLARS! The most...

Behind the Scene - Gridlock Traffic Photo

Kelly Humphrey's Blog

BEHIND THE SCENES - the story behind the photo

I was on my way to an assignment in Jenkins to get pictures of an orchard and quite suddenly found myself stuck in Road...

Kelly vs the Mountain of Snow

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Never fails – every year that I’ve worked at the Dispatch I suddenly have the urge in the middle of the winter to start tunneling through the snow mountain that sits directly between our building...

Caribbean Cruises and Ice Fishing Extravaganzas

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Last week I went on my very first cruise.  About six weeks earlier one of my friends had spotted an unbelievably good deal on a five night Royal Caribbean Cruise with stops...

Covering Wreath Ceremony - in the Cold

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It was a heartwarming sight to see so many people at the Minnesota Veterans Cemetery for the event I was covering at Camp Ripley.  Of course, my heart was the only thing that was warm since...

That's right people, I have a blog!

Kelly Humphrey's Blog

I now have a blog.  I can't believe it.

The powers that be have been threatening to give us blogs for a while now so I shouldn't be so shocked about the whole thing.  And yet I...