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Take a look (and get) Klicked!™

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One of the favorite features for many people to visit on our website was Spotted®.

We started using Spotted® to share (and make available for purchase) more of the great photos our staff...

Issues with and websites ;-(

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Just letting you know of the status' of the and websites since our move to Forum Communications servers on Friday.

We are aware of issue with...

Reader commenting on articles will end after Friday server move

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We will be moving our websites, and, from the servers of Morris Communications to those of our new owners, Forum Communications on Friday morning.


Spotted© photo sharing ending for Brainerd and Pine and Lakes

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This message is to make all Spotted© photo contributors aware that with the sale of the Brainerd Dispatch and Echo Publishing to Fargo Communications Co. our use of the Spotted© photo sharing...

The future of commenting

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Freewheeling reader comments, unedited and unattributable may be coming to an end.

I sat in on a weekly company technology conference call last week.

One of the items on the agenda...

Just what the Vikings look for in a quarterback...

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When I saw this morning that the Chiefs had released Matt Cassel, my immediate thought was "Please don't let anyone from the Vikings learn of this", we've tasted other teams leftovers for too many...

Commenting Points System

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We believe respectful and civil conversation is essential to a community, and we need your help to improve the quality of story commenting.

Our new user point system is part of that...

403 Forbidden

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The website experienced an outage early Thursday afternoon, Sept. 22, from approximately 12:20 pm to 1:50 pm.

If you tried to access during that...

Moving to a new website

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The Brainerd Dispatch will debut a new website Wednesday, Dec. 8.

Not just a makeover, it's a brand new with an entirely new underlying architecture and design.