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A new year

Posted: December 28, 2012 - 9:36pm

The holiday season is traditionally time when many of us take stock of where we are personally and also reflect on the state of our community and nation.

It seems like the perfect opportunity to indulge in bit of wishing and hoping for 2013.

• Let’s hope the slow economic recovery continues in the Brainerd lakes area and that hard-headed partisan differences in Washington, D.C. don’t mess up an already fragile economy.

• Good luck to the Brainerd City Council, a body that will welcome three new members in the new year. In all, 18 people filed for four spots on the council. Some days, I think it’s remarkable that anyone would want to subject themselves to the verbal abuse and long meetings that often come with serving in elective office.

• How about a little more snow for skiers, snowmobilers and kids who like to build snow forts? The Brainerd area, thanks to its beautiful lakes, is the site of many first class resorts and restaurants. The hardworking men and women who own or work in those establishments could sorely use the business that a few 6-inch dumpings of snow could provide.

• Time to relax would also make many wish lists. As businesses have cut staff doing more with less has become the norm. What’s missing when that becomes the case is the perspective and energy that help employees thrive in their jobs when they receive a needed break.

• I hope those people who are looking for work find productive employment.

• Would it mess up some vast cosmic plan if a Minnesota sports team could have a few sustained seasons of excellence and maybe even a championship?

• We all wish we lived in a world that was kinder, less violent and filled with more laughter than anger. Let’s resolve to work toward those goals as we begin 2013.

— Mike O’Rourke