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No moral high ground

Posted: September 16, 2012 - 4:12pm

No moral high ground

Moral high ground writer was praising Obama for saving GM. Well and good. I am glad those jobs were saved, but at what expense to us, the taxpayer.  

Ford did not require a bailout. It sounds like GM needs better leaders.  

Let’s remember, the energy companies that he wasted taxpayers money on. To mention two of them Solyndra and Ener-1. Where are they now?  Bankrupt and these are not the only companies gone belly-up after bail-outs from Obama.  

Anyone can quote Scriptures from the Bible, even non-believers.  

How soon the American people forget the church he was attending before he ran for office.  

Gov. Romney has never wavered from his faith or his church.

Oh yes, let us not forget gas is now $4 a gallon.

Charles Weaver

Pine River