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This was Brainerd


Posted: December 19, 2010 - 9:57pm

20 years ago (1990)

Mayor Bob Olson said that daily police logs from half of 1988 and most of 1989 were in his possession when they were reported missing from the police department. He had them brought to him when told they might verify allegations of police corruption.


30 years ago (1980) 

For Tom Feierabend, snowmobile racing was not love at first sight. In fact, when his son began the sport several years ago he thought it was “a bunch of foolishness.” Now Tom and sons Brad and Craig will compete for the third time in the grueling Winnipeg 500 race.


40 years ago (1970)

(Photo) Little Chris Snow, 5, and his mother, Mrs. Calvin Snow, Pillager, board a North Central Airlines plane for a trip to the Shrine Burn Center in Cincinnati. Chris was badly burned a year ago and has made one trip to the center where the Shrine pays all expenses.


60 years ago (1950)

An attempt to keep curbs of downtown Brainerd clear of snow this winter was evident when the street department asked merchants to shovel snow into the gutter. There the graders can push it to the middle of the street where the removal machine can get it.


80 years ago (1930)

As was to be expected, preparation of a bill to conserve water at a minimum level in reservoir lakes, beyond which the government shall not draw water, has drawn opposition by those who want a minimum nine-foot channel for barge traffic on the Mississippi.


100 years ago (1910)

Gov. Eberhart and five members of the Minnesota congressional delegation made separate calls on Pres. Taft to discuss conditions in the state growing from the enforcement of the prohibition order against selling liquor in Indian country.