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Judge Ninth Judicial District

Posted: October 18, 2012 - 4:07am

John Melbye

Age: 46

Current employment: District court judge, Minnesota Ninth Judicial District

Public office experience: District court judge since 2007

What makes you the most qualified candidate for the post you¹re seeking?:

I already have over 10 years working in the judiciary and almost six years on the bench as a successful judge — consistently demonstrating the professional skills and personal qualities, including the demeanor, communication skills, and work ethic that the job demands.

I have broad support, both from those working in the court system and those who have appeared in court. This support has come from not only from my home county, but from other counties I have worked in. This positive response to my work reinforces my commitment to continue to serve and give my very best as judge.


Diana Sweeney

Age: 53

Current Employment: Assistant public defender, Ninth Judicial District

Public office experience: I have been a public servant but not an elected office holder

Why are you the most qualifed candidate for the post you’re seeking?:
I am experienced, skilled and dedicated. I have represented clients and handled civil and criminal cases for the past 22 years in the Ninth Judicial District. I know the law, the courtroom and understand the people and problems that find their way to the courthouse. I have a reputation for grace under pressure and a dedicated work ethic. I volunteer in my community and for professional committee work because I enjoy working with others for a better outcome. Presiding in court, I would listen to people, learn the facts, apply the law fairly, and communicate plainly with the persons involved.