House speaker appears with Kresha | | Brainerd, Minnesota

House speaker appears with Kresha

Posted: July 18, 2012 - 10:38pm

LITTLE FALLS — On Tuesday, a room full of supporters assembled at Pizza Ranch to meet House 9B Republican candidate Ron Kresha and Minnesota House Speaker Rep. Kurt Zellers.

“We have to work harder make sure that Morrison and Todd Counties are competitive rural counties to attract businesses and employees,” Kresha said after the meeting.

Addressing the crowd, Rep. Zellers emphasized the need to keep environmental regulations in check and to keep supporting small businesses with lower taxes and less regulation.  

The event was sponsored by the Kresha campaign to give people the opportunity to ask questions and meet Rep. Zellers and Republican candidate Ron Kresha. Organizers said 25 people attended the event during their lunch hour.  

Kresha shared his vision for a less intrusive government environment where small-business owners and entrepreneurs can be motivated to create companies and bring in jobs.