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Moxy Salon opens on Main Street in Nisswa

Posted: December 20, 2013 - 9:50pm
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Moxy Salon is opening in Nisswa.
Moxy Salon is opening in Nisswa.

NISSWA — For Katie Huser and Aubrey Linday, opening Moxy Hair Studio in Nisswa has become the the reality of a dream they weren’t certain would ever come true.

“This is something we’ve talked about doing for a few years,” Lindsay said from the nearly completed salon space on Nisswa’s Main Street. “I’m excited to be doing it with my best friend.”

Huser said she and Lindsay have considered making over a number of locations to suit their business, but just never found the right spot. “They just didn’t quite fit,” Huser said. “Until we found this spot.”

The friends, colleagues and now business partners have taken over the former Adirondack Coffee Shop space at the north end of Main Street. Lindsay said she has often thought the space would make a great salon, but never thought it become available.

Until recently.

While driving through Nisswa in October, Lindsay said she saw a “For Lease” sign for the location and called immediately. After not hearing back from the owner, Linsday and Huser said they had not given up, but at the same time weren’t counting on hearing back on the location. “We just decided we weren’t going to push it,” Huser said.

Lindsay said it wasn’t until weeks later, upon returning from an overseas trip, that she received a call back that they building was in fact available. “Since then it’s just been a domino effect,” Lindsay said.

Huser and Lindsay, who met while working at Hair and Beyond in Brainerd, have been hair stylists for 8 and 11 years, respectively. Both have spend the majority of their careers at Hair and Beyond and said the Brainerd salon has been supportive of their new endeavor. “We love where we came from,” Huser said. “It’s been our home — our hair home.”

Lindsay said the move to open their own business has come with it’s normal share of stress, but they’ve moved forward without hesitancy. “I haven’t been scared at all,” she said.

The move from Brainerd to Nisswa provides a new leaf for both Huser and Lindsay, who are Nisswa area residents and are looking forward to working in the community where they live, go to church and send their children to school. “We thrive here,” Lindsay said. “It’s a tight knit community — I’m so excited to have my own stake in that.”

The roughly 1000-square-foot location is near the end of its process of being transformed from cafe space to salon space. It includes a main level salon and an upstairs space that will be occupied by Moxy’s own message therapist, Mandy Pfiffer. The upstairs will also serve as a space for wedding parties to use. Huser and Lindsay said they hope to provide unique services to resort bridal parties.

The main level of the salon will include four stylist chairs — including Huser and Lindsay, as well as area stylists Joanna Tom and Carli Ranweiler.

Huser said they are still looking for a nail technician to add to their team.

Huser and Lindsay said they aim to please everyone, but their primary clientel are women in the 20-50 age range. For the men who could use a little pampering, Moxy will offer a hot towel service, and pampering includes optional wine service. “We really want (our clients) to feel like it’s the Up North glam feel,” Lindsay said.

“We can do that for everyone,” Lindsay added.

The pair said their longtime friendship has given them a great advantage in getting a business started. “We have a good partnership,” Huser said, pointing out that she has an eye for design while Lindsay has a knack for business. “I think we have a really nice balance.”

As for keeping up with their own glam, Huser and Lindsay said they do each other’s hair. “It’s where all our brainstorming comes from ­— mid foil,” Huser said.

Moxy Hair Studio will open Jan. 2. For more information contact the salon at 961-1015.

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