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DeWitt Martial Arts student gain black belt ranking

Posted: December 3, 2013 - 5:35pm

DeWitt Martial Arts recently conducted an intensive, two-day test for rank promotions. Chief Master Garrett DeWitt supervised the testing assisted by a panel of Black Belt-ranked instructors.

The Black Belt Dahn represents the highest levels of training and personal discipline in the Korean Martial Arts. Students were tested on their performance of Korean Chung Do Kwan, Hap Ki Do, and curricula in both the World Taekwondo Federation and International Taekwondo Federation forms. They also must demonstrate excellence in three Korean weapons forms, cognitive knowledge of Korean martial arts was tested through a black belt research paper and oral panel exam covering Korean terminology, historical knowledge of tae kwon do, and personal goal-setting. A physical training test preceding the examination assures top physical conditioning through running, calisthenics, and flexibility. In addition, students are expected to maintain good grade point averages and behavior in their schooling and at home.

Students earning the prestigious DMA First Dahn Black Belt rank include Mr Nicholas VanDerwerker and Mr. Jacob VanRisseghem. Second Dahn Black Belts include Mr. Peter Lindell and Mrs. Jayme VanRisseghem. Earning the Fourth Dahn Black Belt and title of Master was Dr. Renee Taylor.