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Acreage reporting deadline is July 15

Posted: June 27, 2012 - 10:21pm

Nominations sought for FSA committees

The Crow Wing/Cass FSA Office and the Aitkin-Itasca FSA Office are currently accepting nominations for candidates to serve on the local Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committee. The nomination period closes August 1.

The election this year contains the following area townships by county:

Crow Wing County: LAA-1 has the following townships: Fairview, East Gull Lake, Unorganized T134 R28, Unorganized T134 R27, Oak Lawn, W Sylvan, E Sylvan, Baxter, Crow Wing, Long Lake, Fort Ripley, St. Mathias and Daggett Brook.

Cass County : LAA-4 has the following townships: Gail Lake, Timothy, Fifty Lakes, Emily, Little Pine, Walden, Wilson, Jenkins, Ideal, Cross Lake, Fairfield, Ross Lake, Maple, Loon Lake, Sibley, Breezy Point, Pelican, Mission, Perry Lake and 2nd Assessment T136 R25.

Aitkin County: LAA-2 has the following townships: Clark, Davidson, Spalding, Salo, Lee, Rice River, Beaver, Jewett, White Pine, Millward North, Millward South, Lakeside, Seavey, Pliny, Idun, Williams and Wagner.

Itasca County LAA-4 has the following townships: Nore, Ardenhurst, Grattan, Pomroy, T150 R25, Moose Park, Alvwood, Kinghurst, Wurt, Liberty, Third River, Good Hope, Max, Sand Lake, Lake Jessie, Unorg T147 R29, Unorganized T147 R28, Unorganized T147 R27, Bowstring, Unorganized T146 R29, Unorganized T146 R27, Unorganized T146 R26, Oteneagen, Unorganized T145 R25, Morse, Unorganized T144 R26, Unorganized T144 R25, Unorganized T62 R27, Unorganizedd T62 R26, Unorganized T162 R25, Unorganized T62 R24, Carpenter, Unorganized T62 R22, Bigfork, Unorganized T61 R25, Unorganized T61 R24, Unorganized T61 R23, Bearville, Stokes, Unorganized T60 R25, Unorganized T60 R24, Unorganized T60 R23, Unorganized T60 R22, Marcell, Unorganized T59 R25, Unorganized T59 R24, Unorganized T59 R23, Unorganized T59 R22, Unorganized T58 R27, Unorganized T58 R26, Balsam, Unorganized T58 R23 Unorganized T58 R22, Deer River, Unorganized T56 R27.

Acreage reporting

deadline is July 15

The Farm Service Acreage (FSA) reporting deadline is July 15. Area farmers are asked to contact the FSA office to schedule an appointment.

Farmers are asked to arrive early for their appointment so they can fill out their maps.

Filing an accurate acreage report for all crops and land uses, including failed acreage and preventive planting acreage, is required for many FSA programs. DCP (Direct and Counter-cyclical Program), ACRE (Average Crop Revenue Election), CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), NAP (Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program), SURE (Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program), commodity loans, and some livestock programs require yearly acreage reporting. Failure to report acres may result in a loss of benefits. Late fees will be charged for any crop reports filed after the July 15th deadline.

Please contact the Crow Wing/Cass FSA office at 829-5965 or the Aitkin/Itasca FSA office at (218) 927-2912 to schedule an appointment.