Detouring road reconstruction plans until next council meeting | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Detouring road reconstruction plans until next council meeting

Brainerd City Council

Posted: March 5, 2012 - 11:36pm

Plenty of chatter was brought forward to the Brainerd City Council Monday night, with many people voicing concerns over approaching road reconstruction, and the costs and restrictions it might create. Plans to improve Front Street between East River Road and South Second Street, North 10th Street between Washington Street and Grove Street, North Sixth Street between the alley north of Washington Street to Juniper Street, North Seventh Street between Washington Street and Kingwood Street and Bituminous Overlay on McKay Road each brought out citizens questioning council and City Engineer Jeff Hulsether.

Cost of the projects remained the primary concern for property owners.

 “I am asking, if for no other reason, to delay this project for hardship reasons,” said Al Gmeinder, property owner on South Sixth Street. “We are still paying off (construction) done to Kingwood Street. This is not an economic boom and there are three other taxpayers on those corners and likewise I don’t see where they will be able to pay off those either.”

Total assessment costs ranged from $10,380 — for Front Street property owners — upwards to $71,365 for North 10th Street property owners.

“We do have to consider people’s ability to pay and accommodate the way the economy is and the impact it will have the costs to our public,” said Council President Mary Koep. “We would like to have some resolution at our next meeting rather than just re-hash what was discussed tonight.”

A unanimous decision was made by council to make a motion on moving forward with reconstruction plans at the next Brainerd City Council meeting on March 19.

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