Foreclosures continue in Crow Wing County | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Foreclosures continue in Crow Wing County

Posted: May 2, 2011 - 9:25pm

There were 31 foreclosures, called sheriff’s certificates, filed in April compared to 35 in April of 2010 and 18 in April of 2009.

The number of foreclosures so far this year puts Crow Wing County well ahead of the past five years of foreclosures between January and April. 

To date this year, there have been 144 foreclosures or sheriff’s certificates filed.

In 2008, as the housing crisis grew, there were 128 foreclosures from January to April.  There were 103 foreclosures from January to April in 2009 and 120 of them for that same time period in 2010. 

Notices of pendency for April, which indicate a foreclosure is coming, were 29. That’s down from previous Aprils.  There were 58 notices in April of 2010; 73 in April of 2009 and 48 in April of 2008.

In past years, total foreclosures in Crow Wing County numbered:

• 388 in 2010.

• 351 in 2009. 

• 356 in 2008. 

• 231 in 2007. 

• 142 in 2006. 

If there is a bright spot, it may be from the notices of pendency. The notices, which soared from 87 in 2006 for the first four months of the year, increased dramatically to 237 notices for that same time period in 2009. Last year there were 188 notices from January to April. So far this year, the notices number 172.