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Engineering a life change


Posted: January 9, 2011 - 10:56pm
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Matt Reid (top) and his hockey team took a break from practice Wednesday night.  Brainerd Dispatch/Kelly Humphrey
Brainerd Dispatch/Kelly Humphrey
Matt Reid (top) and his hockey team took a break from practice Wednesday night.

Life is about to change for Matt Reid.

Reid is a civil engineer, a hockey coach, husband and father, and is about to be a dad again for the second and third time. Reid and his wife Nichole are expecting twins by the end of the month.

The Reid's are preparing for the change ahead. Double the cribs, double the diapers, double the high chairs, and the life of raising a family of boys. Matt and Nichole have one son, Tyler, 4.

"We knew right from the get go it would be a challenge, but we're excited for the opportunity to have two," Reid said. "Tyler's excited. He's really looking forward to being a big brother."

Reid said that the twins weren't a total surprise because his wife has twins on her side of the family and they are looking forward to new additions.

"We're just excited for the boys to get here," Reid said. "We weren't exactly planning on three kids though."

In addition to his son, Tyler, and two baby boys (yet to be named) on the way, Reid has fourteen more little men that he's invested in. Reid coaches the Brainerd Warriors Squirts A hockey team.

Reid started coaching hockey when he and Nichole moved to Brainerd in 2002 and coaches the Squirts A team.

"I think it's a pivotal age for learning basic skills of hockey," Reid said. "You're teaching a lot of basic skills, but you're teaching them the game too. It's a lot of fun."

Reid's coaching commitment involves a season that lasts about four-and-a-half months, which adds up to about 30 games in a season.

"I like being around kids that age," Reid said. "I've had really good teams over that last several years."

Reid said that while Tyler is not yet playing hockey, he is really into the game and is learning to skate.

"He's been exposed to it since he was born," Reid said. "He loves the players and loves getting to travel to the games."

In addition to being dad and coach, Reid, a civil engineer, spends his days working as the office manager for Short Elliott Henderickson's Brainerd office. SEH is a consulting firm that specializes in engineering, architecture, planning, surveying and environmental planning.

Reid said he decided to study civil engineering with some help from his high school counselor on career day.

"I told her what I was interested in, and she said, 'Why don't you consider civil engineering?'"

He attended Itasca Community College and later graduated from the University of North Dakota.

Reid said it was actually SEH that brought him and Nichole to the Brainerd area. Reid, originally from the Grand Rapids area, said he wanted to stay in northern Minnesota and was thankful to find a job that allowed him to live in the area he loves.

"I like to hunt and camp," Reid said. "It seemed like the right fit."

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Matt Reid

High school sweethearts: Matt and his wife Nichole grew up just a few miles away from each other in the Grand Rapids area. Matt said the two started dating when he was a sophomore in high school, Nichole was a junior, and the rest is history.

Favorite food: Matt said his favorite food is pizza - any kind of pizza. He is slightly partial to sausage and pepperoni, but any pizza will do.

Crack out a home run: Matt said when he was younger he enjoyed playing baseball more than hockey. Matt's favorite baseball team is the Minnesota Twins.

Family business: Matt, a civil engineer, has one younger brother who works as an engineer, well, a chemical engineer.

Plan-B: Matt said if he wasn't an engineer he might be a math or a science teacher and coaching high school hockey.

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