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Traditional ham for Easter and more

Many people like to serve ham for their Easter holiday meal. Our favorite way to bake a ham is the good old traditional way. Before spreading anything on the ham, I first score the ham.
by Diane Hoglin

Tortilla Pizzas make a zippy taco

Tacos are always a welcome meal at our house. At least once a week, Gary requests tacos. I wanted to try something different one evening so I made Corn Tortilla Pizzas that have the zippy flavor of tacos but also a flavor of their own.
Diane Hoglin

FDA proposal: Just because it's sweet and sticky doesn't mean it's 'honey'

WASHINGTON, April 8 (Reuters) - Honey mixed with sugar might be sweet, but it is not "honey." Food companies and other producers who add sweeteners to honey have to alert consumers by labeling their products as a "blend," the U.S...

Steamed vegetables tossed with garlic enhances meal

One appliance I could leave out on my counter is my vegetable steamer. We steam vegetables at least two to three times a week. We love steamed vegetables, especially green beans. By steaming vegetables, it keeps most of the nutrients in.
Diane Hoglin

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