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Calling all last minute shoppers

Posted: December 11, 2013 - 9:11pm
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The pitch fork bird house with attached harness is a wonderful gift Uncle Steve.
The pitch fork bird house with attached harness is a wonderful gift Uncle Steve.

You know who you are! Waiting until the last minute, hoping for the best deals and getting frustrated when you can’t find the right gift right away.

Yes, I’m one of you too; a last minute shopper but I will share the best kept shopping secret with you. The best place to shop for your Christmas gifts is the Gift Shop at The Center. The Center’s Gift Shop has it all. Great deals all the time, not just on certain days or with coupons; great gifts at great prices every day. You can find a unique gift for everyone on your list! A gift they will cherish, use and remember you for.

Here are examples from my list; nephew Sam, a marshmallow shooter. It can be used indoors on the days it is too cold to go outside and it won’t break anything when he shoots it. His Mom will love it too.

For Sally, who loves dolls and has many; handmade doll clothes from the Gift Shop. She will be able to play with the cute outfits I found at The Center for hours and the handmade outfits are beautiful.

For Aunt Susie, a unique wine carrier. She will be so impressed that I could find such a creative gift. And of course I put her favorite wine in the carrier for a finishing touch. I will have finally gotten on her good side with my great gift.

Uncle Steve was a bit harder to find a present for. He moved to town from the farm and is always telling “back on the farm” stories. In the Gift Shop I found a pitch fork with a bird house attached on top. It also has a piece of horse harness attached to the handle! Uncle Steve can put in the ground, reminisce on how he used a pitch fork loading hay bundles on wagons pulled by horses wearing harness like what is attached to the pitch fork and he can watch the birds come and go from the bird house. It will be the perfect gift for him.

Last but not least, a gift for me. I couldn’t resist. There was a watercolor painting of hollyhocks I had to have. My mom had hollyhocks in her flower bed and this painting has such a unique style to it. I knew it would look great in my front hall. My shopping is all done! How about you? I suggest you head to The Center Gift Shop, 803 Kingwood St., Brainerd. It is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Those who receive gifts from you will be glad you did.

DEANN BARRY is The Center director.