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Upcoming Shows Here and in the Metro

I've been getting invitations and press releases for some great shows coming up in the lakes area and in the metro. I'll highlight a few for you here. I won't make it to every show to view and review, but I'll share with you the ones I do see, and encourage you to get out now that the snow is over (we hope!) and the roads are clear.

Review of Balloonacy at CTC

Balloonacy is a play for preschoolers about a man, a birthday, and a balloon that is full of surprises. The entire show is expertly choreographed to music and sound effects as Robert Dorfman interacts with a balloon who seems to have a mind of its own, and a very real sense of humor.

Ask the Master Gardener April 2014

Ask the Master Gardener

Dear Master Gardener:
Can lily bulbs be planted in the spring? Are Asiatic or Oriental lilies better for this area?

Brainerd 4-H After School Club - April 1

Brainerd After School Club

Our next meeting will be Tues., April 1 at 3:30 p.m.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 408 N 7th St., Brainerd

We’ll talk about them, color them and eat them for a snack.

Let Maggie know if you will be attending. Bring a friend! We need more members!
Call 218-824-1065.

If you haven’t yet enrolled, please enroll before our meeting:
4H weather cancellation policy:

Landscaping for Wildlife, Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday, April 8, Noon to 1:00pm, Brainerd Public Library
Presented by Master Gardener Ed Feiler

Register at the library or by calling 829-5574

We will discuss the principles and benefits of landscaping for wildlife. Habitat components will be described as well as an ex-ample of landscaping your yard for wildlife. Some native plants and non-plant habitat elements will be shown.

Local Writers Enjoy a Lovely Luncheon at Prairie Bay

Yesterday, I had a power lunch date with some fabulous women writers in our area! We met at the Prairie Bay Restaurant in Baxter, MN. Most of us ordered the chopped wedge salad with apple, bacon, and a mild blue cheese dressing. Yum! Several of these women have quit “regular” jobs to become freelance (elance) writers. Some are poets and bloggers. Some are interested in writing genealogy, and more than one person has a book either out, in the works, or percolating in her mind. These are my peeps, and I am so grateful to have found them (or maybe they found me).

Review of The Scarecrow and his Servant at CTC

"The Scarecrow and his Servant" is based on the book by Philip Pullman, adapted for the stage at The Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) by Jeffrey Hatcher, and directed by Peter C. Brosius. Once again, the creative team at CTC has brought a new production to its stage. While the classic, recognizable titles do draw people in, sometimes, they start to feel like you’re eating leftovers for the fifth time in one week, and you’re ready for something fresh. The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN is not afraid to serve up fresh ideas.

Reivew of Wait Until Dark at AAAA

I was thrilled to see two old friends on stage in AAAA’s current production of "Wait Until Dark," directed by Sharon Thalmann. Written in the 1960′s by Fredrick Knott (Dial M for Murder), this is a classic thriller. Susy, who was recently blinded in a car accident, finds herself trapped in her own apartment with criminals who are determined to get what they want at all costs. The suspense builds as Susy realizes she’s being played. Her life is at risk and she needs the help of the teenager upstairs. The two women use their wisdom and resources to outsmart the thugs and try to stay alive.

Take a look (and get) Klicked!™

One of the favorite features for many people to visit on our website was Spotted®.

We started using Spotted® to share (and make available for purchase) more of the great photos our staff and photographers were shooting at events, news scenes and sporting activities with our readers in 2005 when our previous owner, Morris Communications Co. released it for use.

With our sale to Forum Communications Co. this year, we lost the use of Spotted®, but we have been hard at work finding and shaping a replacement.