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The Most Expensive Photo Ever

Clearly I'm not charging enough for my photos.

I figured this out after I saw a story about a photograph of the Rhine river by Andreas Gursky that sold for $4.3 MILLION DOLLARS! The most expensive photograph ever sold at an auction.

I've uploaded the photo for your viewing pleasure… or perhaps, as in my case, your viewing annoyance. Now, I'm not saying it's a bad photo, art being subjective, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that seven figures for one print is a tad excessive.

Deer weekend equals shopping fun

Hey, all you hunting widows in the Brainerd lakes area! The second weekend of deer hunting is approaching and if you’re like me you’ll be a widow, since my husband will be out in the woods in his bright orange, trying to shoot the “big one.”
We’re lucky here since there are several crafts and arts events going on Saturday and Sunday that only open their doors during one or both of the deer hunting weekends. So if you miss it, you’ll have to wait until next year.

Adventures Await Your Presence by Mary Aalgaard

Entertainment offerings are heating up as the temperatures are cooling down. Don't let the first glimpse of snow keep you home and covered up under a blanket. This is the time of year when talents light up the dark evenings.

ART-Filled Holiday Open House

Be dazzled by paintings, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, mobiles, sculpture, wood carvings, leatherwork, and various one-of-a-kind art wonders! Enjoy an ART-filled Holiday Open House at Franklin Arts Center, 1001 Kingwood St, on Nov 12 from 10am to 4pm! In addition to those listed, there will be many other open studios on both floors of Franklin Arts Center. Don't miss The Crossing Arts Alliance Sales & Gift Gallery and the Brainerd Area Art Club sale and show in the Q Gallery. Help sustain local artists with your purchases of unique arts and crafts!!

A morning run with disturbing elements

Two disturbing signs marred an otherwise beautiful morning run this week along the Mississippi River near Boom Lake.
Let’s dwell on the positive first.

Stopping Action

When Warrior Riley Kline went out for a pass Saturday in the Section 8 5-A final game against the Moorhead Spuds, I never realized the image would show a moment just before the catch. I really like to shoot football especially during the day because it means I have a chance to capture great color as well as stop action. When shooting sports, I always shoot on Shutter Priority. How can an old timer like myself resort to the "Auto Modes"? Another good friend of mine, Bill Marchel, confessed he many times uses the Shutter Priority setting when shooting wildlife.


Take a trip down the Mississippi River in Minnesota with Doug Ohman at the Brainerd Public Library on October, 14 at 6:00pm. The Mississippi River flows along for nearly 700 miles touching many villages, towns and cities in its route from Lake Itasca to the Iowa border. In this program, Doug will highlight the many points of interest in the rivers upper reaches. This journey will take you from northern Minnesota to the Twin Cities. Doug has explored much of the rivers history, culture and of course beauty through his photography and personal stories.

Why Should You Frame Photographs during Capture?

When you are faced with illustrating a story with your photograph, you have to consider creating an image that tells the story within the information contained in the image. It must be simple but compelling. The more simple your image the more compelling it is. Choose a frame from the scene on location and work with placing it over the image or shoot through the frame to create depth. I have chosen the image of the felled pine tree on a hill overlooking the College Drive construction project. Watch for background elements that standout to complete the composition such as the school bus.

Review of The Edge of Our Bodies

Three shows are currently playing at The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Last Thursday, I was invited to attend The Edge of Our Bodies for Blogger Night at The Guthrie.

Peep(s) Show Deadline Extended to November 2nd

For artists interested in submitting to the Peep(s) Show, you still have the opportunity! The submission deadline has been extended to Nov. 2nd, 3pm. The submission form can be downloaded from

The Peep(s) Show is a juried, themed art exhibition about people. Three prizes of $100 each are being offered for best self-portrait, best portrait, and best group of people.

Show us your PEEPS!