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Welcome to the real world

It's been five years and 10 internships in the making, but I have finally made it; I am officially a journalist.

A 2010 graduate from Iowa State University, I was offered an internship with USA Hockey Magazine immediately after graduation. Boom, just like that. Which--luckily enough for me based on impeccable timing--was what I had known throughout most of my college career. I would apply for one internship, get it, and that was that. No fuss, no muss.

Entertainment Explosion by Mary Aalgaard

Entertainment options are exploding as the New Year begins. After a few quiet weeks where we had time to celebrate the holidays, meet and greet family and friends, and ring in a New Year, we now have an abundance of choices to entice us out of our warm houses and mingle with the local folks. It's opening week for many new shows in the Twin Cities. I've been invited to two at the Guthrie and one at The Children's Theatre in Minneapolis. Check back next week for some reviews.

Dog Sledding Presentation at BPL on Jan 10th

Charlotte Wolf, musher and veterinary technician, will be speaking about the history of Minnesota dog sledding and demonstrate how the sled dogs are harnessed on Friday, January 20 at 10:00am at the Brainerd Public Library. Wolf is a big supporter of the few dog sled races that run around the country, like the Iditarod in Alaska and the John Beargrease race along the north shore of Lake Superior here in Minnesota. Her dreams have been realized and she is as passionate as ever about her dogs, mushing and caring for other sled dogs wherever she goes.

Call for Photographers: Picturing 2012

The Crossing Arts Alliance (TCAA) invites you to submit your photographic images for Picturing 2012. The deadline for submissions is March 6, 2012.

Please contact TCAA 218-833-0416 or for a submission form PDF via email, or a hard copy.

How High Should You Go?

When I am shooting a sporting event, many times I help fellow photographers set their cameras for the lighting. This happens when you have been around as long as I have been. I do not really think it means that I am more knowledgeable but instead I have been at this for a while, or 40 years. Since digital entered the field, I am an advocate of high ISO setting and very fast shutter speeds.

Gazelka preparing to run for another term in the Legislature

Associate Editor
Last week was a busy week in Republican circles and as developments prompted the rewriting of last weekend's Eggs and Issues stories, I neglected to include one interesting bit of information from that Brainerd Lakes Chamber session.
Sen. Paul Gazelka, R-Brainerd, said Friday morning he had decided to run for at least one more term in the Minnesota Senate. That's probably no surprise, but it's the first time I had heard him state his intentions.

Anglers in the Sun

How many times have you wanted to photograph someone or something against the direct sun? My favorite is late afternoon or early morning golden sun over water or ice. Last week, I waited at the Corps of Engineers access on Gull for any angler to walk across the ice to their vehicles. In winter, the sun is low in the southern sky making it easy to photograph against the low angle of the sun.

Support the Arts and Shop Local and Independent by Mary Aalgaard

If you want to stop the madness of the shopping season and fight back against commercialism, I recommend attending a holiday concert, supporting the arts, and when you do shop, make it a locally owned store. You can keep the sense of community alive as you spread your holiday cheer and buy meaningful gifts for friends and family. You can share in the reason for the season by attending concerts together, supporting your friends and neighbors as they share their gifts and talents. I've bought CDs by resident musicians. I picked up some handmade items at shops around town.

Seven Swans Swimming

For all you shoppers out there this is your favorite time of the year. For me, following the swans always coincides with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The swans are out in the lakes and rivers but the freezing temperatures brings them to areas where we can expect to see them for photography. I can tell when we are close to the right time of the year because the Bald Eagles are also moving into the area, fishing and hunting on the dwindling areas of open water. The swans love the shallow water where rice beds grew during the summer.

Girls' Night Out

I don’t go out with the girls often, but when I do it is always guaranteed to be a good time.
On Friday night, I and five other girlfriends went to “Away in the Basement, A Church Basement Ladies Christmas,” at Tornstrom Auditorium in Brainerd. All of us girls know each other through our daughters’ Girl Scout Troop No. 852.