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Review of "Pippi Longstocking" at Children's Theatre Company by Mary Aalgaard

"Pippi Longstocking" is a high-energy, rollicking good show. Katie Adducci, who plays Pippi, is so athletic. I chatted with a woman at intermission who has seen several productions of "Pippi". She thought Kate was one of the oldest girls to play Pippi. (She seemed youthful to me.) I said she looked like she's a good gymnast. The woman replied, "That's probably why they chose her." She's everywhere on stage. Big movements. Animated dancing. My heart rate went up from watching it!

Review of Art at CLC by Mary Aalgaard

"The older I get the more offensive I hope to be," Mark, from the play "Art," by Yasmina Reza, currently playing at the Central Lakes College Dryden Theatre. Serge bought a piece of art for a hefty sum. He's criticized and ridiculed by his friend Mark. Yvan, the third friend in the triangle, tries to be a peacemaker, but ends up causing more strife. At times you feel the two against one scenario that happens in groups of three. Conversations are held in pairs, and the third one is left out, talked about, and later on the defensive.

Breakfast is served

My latest food stop was at The Lakes Grill & Bar, north of Baxter on Highway 371 and across from Brainerd International Raceway.
The story and photos may be found on the food page of today’s (Thursday, April 26) Brainerd Dispatch.
One thing you won’t find in that story was the fact that breakfast will be served at the eatery.
I didn’t mention it in my story because I didn’t go there for breakfast. I’m usually not up that early.
But looking at the menu there are a few things I would be interested in trying.

Go Red Better U Heart Health Challenge — activity versus exercise.

Want to live longer? The American Heart Association (AHA) reports for every hour of regular exercise, a person gains two hours of additional life expectancy. That’s even true, the AHA notes, if you don’t start until middle age.
The good news is you don’t have to get it all in one lump. The AHA says three 10-minute periods of moderate activity are almost as beneficial to overall fitness as one 30-minute session. And just 30 minutes has proven health benefits, the AHA says.

The Evolution of a Newspaper

I have the opportunity to sit in real estate continuing education classes and the message to the Realtors seems to be the same in all of them: Newspapers are dead. Period.

Case in point: One Realtor instructor told us how he, at the behest of his Seller, placed a one inch classified ad for an open house in the Star Tribune…and he got NO visitors to his open house. Conclusion: That was a waste of his money and newspapers don’t work. Everyone in the class nodded appropriately – I cringed.

Review of "Time Stands Still" at The Guthrie by Mary Aalgaard

"Time Stands Still" opens with photo journalist Sarah Goodwin struggling to re-enter her home in Brooklyn, physically and emotionally. She has been injured in Iraq by a roadside bomb. Her partner, James Dodd, is trying to help her while dealing with his own emotional wounds and guilt of not being with her when she was nearly killed. Sarah is a renowned photo journalist. Her photos bring to light the atrocities that happen around the world, most of them inside war zones. She says that when she looks through the lens of her camera time stands still.

If you don't like the weather - wait

Minnesota's mercurial spring just took another turn, adding white stuff to the mix after pretty much shunning snow when it was welcome in late December, January, February and even March.
It's good for the fire prevention. After this last downpour of rain, the green-up could be in full flight if the sun came back with just a little punch. While the sun was out this afternoon, it wasn't enough to entirely melt the snow in Brainerd yards.

A lost ball and green eggs

Thursday I was forced to play nine holes of golf for a segment the Brainerd Dispatch is putting together for the Brainerd Lakes Marketplace.
Eric Peterson, director of golf at Cragun’s Legacy Courses in East Gull Lake, was kind enough to accommodate me and Dispatch reporter/Sideline View co-producer Jessi Pierce for the afternoon. Mitch at the front desk was trusting enough to believe me when I told him this unbelievable scenario and ushered us off1 to the back nine of Dutch’s where we wouldn’t offend or disturb any of the important — read paying — clientele.

Celebrate the Young at Art!! and Flipside 2nd Saturdays!!

The annual Celebrate the Young at Art at the reception is Thurs, April 12, 3:30 at the Q Gallery at Franklin Arts Center. The Crossing Arts Alliance planning and programming committee works with area schools to honor budding young artists and their creative endeavors. The exhibition runs Tues to Sat, 10 to 4 through April 20. A special thank you to Kate Carlson, who organizes this celebration.

My new adventure

Grand View Lodge’s Cru restaurant in Nisswa will be the setting tonight.
I’m heading there to experience the talents of chef Paul Fitzpatrick and enjoy the atmosphere created by manager Christine Ianelli.