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Family Traditions by Mary Aalgaard

Memories are formed around food, the preparations, the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the people who share a meal with us. Thanksgiving is all about the menu. You remember meals shared, where you were, and who was there. We reminisce about holidays of the past, someone's home who is no longer with us, and longing to taste one more time Grandma's lefse as only she could make it.

Review of "A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie Theater by Mary Aalgaard

"A Christmas Carol" has been a tradition at The Guthrie Theater for 38 years. I wonder if anyone out there has attended a performance every year? Are there people who work for the Guthrie who have been part of every production? I know that some of the actors have been in several productions. This year, J.C. Cutler is again playing Ebenezer Scrooge. I think he's fantastic.

Attending holiday performances is becoming part of my family's tradition. To read more of my review and see photos of the production, go to my writer's blog, Play off the Page,

Finding Your Voice by Mary Aalgaard

Finding your voice in your art builds self-confidence. An artist who has a well defined voice stands out in the crowd. Have you ever started reading an article, or exerpt from a book, and thought, "I know this author." You might have even identified her before looking at the by-line. The same thing happens when you look at art. The masters can be identified by most people. You can tell a VanGough, for instance, from a Rembrant or Monet. Can you pick up a family photograph and determine who took that shot? Do you know the voice, style, of your best friend's paintings?

Give to the Max on November 15: Easy Giving for Flipside Kids


Keep Brainerd lakes area children off the streets and save yourself from buying various fundraising items that you neither want nor need. Please donate to The Crossing Arts Alliance Flipside Kids the easy way on Give to the Max Day through Razoo!!

It's as simple as clicking :-)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas at CTC in Minneapolis

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is marvelous, filled with tenderness and giggles, wisdom and wit. It's colorful, musical and fun. Go, if you can! It's a Christmas present the whole family can enjoy. I attended this show with children ages 5 through 13, and they all loved. The grown-ups also thought it was a hoot. To read more of my review and see photos from the production, go to my writer's blog, Play off the Page,

The Grinch is Coming to the Children's Theatre in Minneapolis

Children's Theatre Company presents favorite Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

November Library Events

Brainerd Public Library
November Events

You’ll have “Felt” the Fun with Artist Michelle Pfeiffer*
We’re transforming our story time area into a huge felt wall. Local artist Michelle Pfeiffer will join us to show children how to create some fun felt art pieces that they can use on the new interactive felt wall. Each story time has a special time and theme:

• Monday, Nov 5, 6:00pm- Welcome to My House

Story time: John Jeremy Colton Read-aloud

Franklin Arts Center Holiday Open House

Warm your hearts with art on November 10 at the Franklin Arts Center holiday open house. Celebrate creativity and shop for unique gift items ... paintings, pottery, jewelry, glass, mobiles, sculpture, wood carvings, leather-craft, and various one-of-a-kind art wonders!

Guest Artists in studio 119: Bavelli Leather, Becky’s Bread, Carole Eliseuson, Kathleen Krueger, Tom Larson, Laura Paycer, Tuesday Artists (Carol Hanson, Mary Hendricks, Judy Kuusisto, Mona Warren), and John Wgeishofski.

Lueck unhappy with former GOP staffer

Republican House District 10B candidate Dale Lueck of rural Aitkin wasn’t able to return a reporter’s phone call until 6:45 p.m. Thursday. His livestock had to be fed.
When the cattle rancher and former Aitkin County commissioner got up to speed on news of the House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) staffer who had misrepresented himself as a Hill City DFLer in a letter published in both the Aitkin Independent Age and the Brainerd Dispatch he seemed disappointed and a little irritated.

Award Winning Author Candace Simar

Award-winning author Candace Simar visited with me about her fourth book in her Abercrombie Trail series, "Blooming Prairie." The journey starts with Evan Jacobson in "Abercrombie Trail", a Norwegian immigrant in the mid-1800's, who lands in Minnesota. He takes the job of stagecoach driver. Candace uses this as an excellent story-telling tool as Evan drives over the newly settled land from Fort Snelling to Fort Abercrombie, meeting and greeting settlers along the way, as well as befriending some of the Indians, while fearing for his life from others, Indians and settlers.