Paying Property Taxes On Time | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Paying Property Taxes On Time

Today I went to pay the property taxes due on my father's estate. It was only by accident that I realized they were due. While there I inquired whether or not a public notice was issued to remind people that the second half were due. The response I received was a blank stare. I then remarked that my father was 87 years old & sometimes didn't remember so clearly anymore. I received yet a second blank stare. After I wrote the check I suggested that in the future if it is not all ready being done that it might be something to look into to help remind those that may have forgotten. The attendant then said she wasn't sure but there "might" be a suggestion box down in the basement. I said, "Maybe you could suggest it. Or is it too difficult?"...My point being: Where is the service? If she didn't know the answers to my questions, should she have offered to find out? Was my question out of line? Do these people get paid to know nothing about their job? She wasn't even sure about the "suggestion box". Also, while I was there I observed four other people gathered around a desk "chatting" and another one that was at her desk doing nothing but paying attention to my transaction. I think if we have so many "budget woes" maybe we should look around at how much wasted time is going on right here in the public offices.


Bonita Holmes