Craigslist Scam Victim in Jail | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Craigslist Scam Victim in Jail


Hi my name is Jennifer O'Donnell I am currently contacting you in regards of a Craigslist scam my husband and I ended up being victims of and he is now sitting in the Crow Wing County Jail with a forgery charge. We lived in Joplin, Missouri at the time when we made a post to sell a 1976 Dr Pepper machine that we had no room for. Someone had sent us a cashiers check in my husbands name and he had no bank account, so he decided to go to a check cashing place to cash it. We figured with how much money it was typed out for they would check everything to make sure it was a straight check, well they cashed it. The same people sent us another check for shipping purposes so we went to the same place only this time it was another lady who took the check to verify it. At this time we found out that not only was this one a fraudulent check but the first one as well. We were expecting at the time with only a month until the delivery so we used the money to buy all of our baby furniture. During all of this we began to get suspicious about things and followed through with making police reports so we assumed we had all of our basis covered. We moved to Brainerd in September and not once were we notified about them progressing with this issue before we moved. He got pulled over on Tuesday February 23 and arrested for a warrant issued out of Missouri. Again we had no idea of this. They are going to extradite him back to Missouri and charge him with Forgery which is a Class C Felony. Aeron and I have a 7 month old daughter who has spent everyday with her daddy since the day she was born. Its so hard to try and calm down a baby who has no clue what's going on and cant see her daddy like she wants. I feel helpless and like I can't do a thing to help him I called the prosecuting attorney in Missouri and they said they would more than likely drop all charges against him if we pay back what the check was which is $2,900. Aeron is an amazing person and would do anything for anyone. He has nothing on his record and stays out of trouble and yet they wont even let him come home to his family on a bond or anything. Mind you this is Missouri who is doing this. I suppose I am writing this for listeners to hear about the things that could happen to really good people and now I am acting as a single mother when I have a wonderful husband who is hurting so badly because he cannot help support his family. I'm only a manager for Subway and cannot come up with the $2,900 that we are willing to pay back along with having an infant who needs diapers, food, and a warm roof over her head. So I am hoping that with this story the community can understand what I'm going through and help get our loved one free.



                                Thank you for your time,

                                                Jennifer O'Donnell