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Wind Power

I find it hard to believe that there are still people that cannot grasp the impotance of converting to wind and solar energy sources. Haven't they seen enough damage to the environment and human body from fossil fuels. I reached into my archives and retrieved a poem written specifically for these proponents of real CLEAN power. I hope after reading it they think a little harder. " The Leaves They Fall Too Early " by Lawrence Pease. The forest floor is green no more, fewer acorns, brittle thorns. The sun basks on the moss too long. And the leaves they fall too early./ Smoke stacks billowed a billion plumes, shielding harvest moons as rusted sunsets loom. While eternal fogs mask killing smogs. And the leaves they fall too early./ Once babbling brooks now sewage nooks, and sandy shores hold sands no more. The waters stained by acid rains. And the leaves they fall too early./ Wildlife is decimated, for man has desicrated, the sanctity of the wood. Flowers have vanished, songbirds banished, from seasons misunderstood. And the leaves they fall too early./ Ozone soon to be depleated, save the earth has been defeated. Armegeddon fixed the score, mankind has lost that war. Radiation replaces air, life is disappearing everywhere. And the leaves they fall no more.