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What's this town comming to?

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What is this town coming to when people think it's ok to steal from a non-profit organization? Our local Golden Gloves Boxing team had had our equipment stolen for the second time in a year. It makes me so mad to see our equipment stolen right from our LOCKED gym. Us coaches volunteer our time and money to coach the youth in an amazing sport. We rely solely on donations for our team to keep going and now it is at a standstill. Our gloves, hand wraps and competition headgear was taken from our gym the other night. Without that specific equipment we cannot spar, hit mitts or the heavy bag. That is 80% of our workout. Also, we now cannot take the kids to tournaments because we have no headgear. If this was done by an adult(s) than grow up and get a job. If you want to box so bad then come to the gym and I will teach you a lesson in the ring. If it was done by kids then all I have to say is your parents should have spanked you more as a kid when you needed it! All I have to say is we bust our butts every week to support these kids and they are the ones getting it all taken away.

Thanks for reading,

John B.